More than Chicken Soup

This chicken soup is not just for flu or cold season but if your family is stricken this More than Chicken Soup may help soothe those miserable symptoms. A friend of mine was under the weather and I just had to try this recipe. We’ve all heard of the benefits of chicken soup. But all chicken soups are not equal. Do chicken soups leave you searching for flavor? <yes, often> Do you find the chicken bland no matter how spicy the broth? <yes, often> Not here! The chicken is spiced up & oven roasted, adding to soup just before serving. I was a little tentative about the recipe since my friend is not into curry. Nope! The recipe doesn’t have curry powder but it has several spices (no turmeric) found in curry. He loved it! Yep, he feels much better today.

Thank you Baker by Nature for this Flu Fighter Chicken Noodle Soup recipe. Please forgive me if I change it ever so slightly.

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Barbecued Brisket Soup

Happily put this together for a friend of mine! We just knew no one had made such a soup! If into brisket and the flavors of barbecue with a little heat this is the soup for you. To start I recommend cooking the brisket the day before you make the soup. It definitely can all be done the same day but I recommend putting the brisket in the refrigerator after cooking to make the removal of fat easier. Brisket can have a thick fatty pad over the top. This helps give the cooked brisket a juicy taste but can lead to a greasy soup unless removed. Cutting some of the fat off before cooking is an option too but you will still need to leave a little to keep the meat juicy. Here is the recipe for the Pulled Brisket. 

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Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

This was my own idea but if you check it’s been done before. I’m into soups especially these last days since my heater pooped out. I was going to make stuffed bells in my crock pot and opted for this soup instead. The recipes are very similar actually. While you can cook this recipe in a slow cooker there really isn’t a reason. It’s so fast right on the stove top. And oh my goodness, I was on it with this! It’s totally delicious!

Here’s another recipe too! Made with turkey, brown rice and a little Italian spice.

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Slow Cooker Soups

For A Month

If you’re like me and your soup recipes grow as you go you may want to start with a seven quart slow cooker instead of a four. I was definitely my grandmother’s sous chef … learning very quickly that measuring soup ingredients was overrated. Today’s soup recipe is no exception. Yep, it started overflowing. Just had to put in those extra veggies!  No excuse … I need a new slow cooker! Mine is a bit dated (still calling it a crock pot), not pretty like the new ones  And has only two functions, low & high heat.

If this looks like Minestrone it is! It’s the first of my month long slow cooker soup recipes. I love the homey feel of a soup simmering all day … And a fireplace with a crackling fire to scoot up by. I’ll be adding a few bread recipes along the way too. My Portuguese Rolls are perfect for tonight’s soup!

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Chicken Chili Soup


Melissa has been kind enough to share recipes in the past and here’s another. Melissa is my colorist, friend, and a perfectionist. So anything she shares with me I know will be delicious. We share common ethnicity and our love of Portuguese food. She loves linguica as much as I and gave me a quick pea soup recipe with linguica I’ll be posting soon too.

Forgive me Melissa if I tweak this a bit. If you are a true Portuguese cook you use your hands as measuring utensils and taste for correction.  It’s perfect!

Try this too!







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Go To Food

Go To FoodMy “go to” when I’m home on a rainy day, or when I’ve eaten too much over the Holidays, or when I’m looking for a no meat meal that satisfies. The ingredients are simple and nourishing. Today, I’m making one of my favorite soups, Basque Vegetable.

Keep this recipe handy for the perfect “go to.” You’ll love the simplicity. It’s delicious!

Try my soup recipes. You’ll love them!