Devil’s Food Chocolate Pound Cake

devils-food-pound-cakeChocolate is still my favorite dessert flavor. I can go days without it. But then thoughts of chocolate begin to circle and are relentless until I meet the craving. My recipe for this rich and moist chocolate pound cake does the trick. One must, the chocolate (for me) must be very very good if not the best. This recipe uses an entire cup of cocoa and it will drive the taste of this cake. You want the best available cocoa. If you haven’t an idea about what’s the best unsweetened cocoa ingredient to use check out Cook’s Illustrated’s ratings here.

Devil’s Food Chocolate Pound Cake, a great treat for those Halloween visitors!

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S’more Cake

S'more CakeDid I say Picnic! The perfect dessert for the backyard barbecue. Yes, this is a doctored cake mix. But I have all the secrets to give this cake a homemade taste. Have you noticed the chocolate cake mixes are the most difficult to conceal that box taste. Even brownie mixes have that telltale taste. This is easily resolved by using a yellow cake mix and adding the cocoa, (better quality, I would bet). Here’s the other issue with box mixes … They have become smaller in weight. Now every recipe you have using a cake mix is thrown off. The recipes might work but only sorta … texture is different and the overall cake size is smaller.

So, if you can find a 18.25 ounce box mix for this recipe you are ahead but if not, here is something you can do. First, what is the size of your cake mix? Most likely 15.25 ounces instead. You are now 3 ounces off. Here are some choices:

The Perfect Solution
Buy two box mixes. With the second box mix contents measure out 3 ounces by your kitchen scale. Add this to your first box mix contents and save the remainder of the second box for your next cake. One extra box will provide enough additional contents for 5 recipes … if converting to 18.25 ounces from a 15.25 ounce box. Does this make sense?

Almost Perfect
You say you don’t have a kitchen scale. Neither do I. You can pour all the ingredients of the second box into a large multi-cup measuring cup and divide this measured amount by five. Then use this 1/5 as the amount to add to the ingredient shy box mix.

Stretching Perfection
First, there are approximately 2 tablespoons in a liquid ounce. How does that help us? It doesn’t! That’s trying to convert weight into a liquid measurement formula. OK, that understood, in my reading I have found, according to King Arthur Flour, 1 cup of all purpose flour is equivalent to 4.25 ounces weight. And since one cup is equivalent to 16 tablespoons then every tablespoon is .26 ounces. And if we use this math then 10 tablespoons would be equivalent to 3 ounces or close, 2.6 ounces. (Other reading I have found a claim that 6 tablespoons of all purpose weigh 1.75 ounces. Closer yet, .29 per tablespoon. I think we’re good.) How does this work with cake mix ingredients? Is cake mix equivalent in weight to all purpose flour? Probably close enough. But let’s take it a step further. How about just adding 10 tablespoons of all purpose flour to your 3 ounce shy cake mix and forget buying the extra box of cake mix that may end up wasted anyway. There you go!

Here, too, is another SMORE recipe for those days you’re not into a whole cake. Or it’s raining outside, Oven S’mores.

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Lazy Daisy Cake

Lazy Daisy CakeHow good can this cake be! Thumbing through old family recipes, and I know this is old … written in fountain pen, I’ve reviewed this recipe several times. I’ve tasted it in my mind and just haven’t been inspired to bake it … Not until I reeded a dessert at the last minute and the cupboards were bare. You’ll see the ingredients are few. You might even wonder … Will this really make an 8″ by 8″ square, 3″ high cake? Not only does this recipe make 6 to 8 servings, it is rich (with only 4 tablespoons of butter) and amazingly moist. AND absolutely delicious! Seriously!

The technique is the secret. So, even if you are skeptical, like I was, follow closely to the instructions. I promise a great outcome!

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Coconut Cake with Caramel Rum Sauce

coconut cake with caramel rum sauce

How about this for Valentine’s Day! A single layer cake rich with sour cream and cream of coconut. A classy dessert for Mother’s Birthday too … coconut being a favorite! This rich little cake with decadent caramel rum sauce serves 10. You’ll be prepared when your Valentine asks for seconds.

Another recipe with no record of its origin. Yep, right out of Mother’s recipes. Delicious! Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Chardonnay Cake

Two Ways

Chardonnay Cake With Buttercream or Citrus Drizzle

A cake with presence! This is our holiday cake this year. It’s liked by all the family. Yes, we have family not into chocolate nor cheesecake, pumpkin spice or nuts. This deliciously fits the bill. And it loosens up my time in the kitchen. For the recipe check out my original recipe post, Chardonnay Cake with Buttercream.

An alternative is a box mix version. Yes, I’ve made this too! Allrecipes’ Wine Cake,  here.

Quick, easy, and Holiday presentable!

Simple Desserts To Make

Family Favorite Baking

Simple Baked Desserts

Time intensive? There are only two recipes here that can’t be whipped up in minutes. Nothing like a fresh dessert in minutes. You might be able to tell just by looking which two require a bit more time … soo worth it.

I’m reintroducing family favorite recipes to have on hand during this busy season. So Delicious! Bottom Left: Best Coffee Cake, one of my popular recipes, can’t be beat for ease of preparation, satisfying texture and delicious flavor. Bottom Center: Don’t let the apple shape throw you. Use a baking dish if you’d like instead of this apple mold for this Apple Dessert or Apple Coffee Cake. Bottom Right: One bowl mix for this rich and moist Banana Spice Cake. Center Left: Caramel glaze makes this Banana Nut Cake amazing. Center Right: Pecan Pie Tartlets with a butterscotch surprise. Top Left: Provide a little more time for this Kolacky, a delicious pastry recipe. Top Center: Simple with ingredients and preparation, Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. Top Right: A very popular cookie recipe, chewy and moist Coconut Cookies.

All are very delicious! Give them a try!

Coffee Rich Devil’s Food Cake

Made With Your Favorite Coffee

Coffee Rich Devil's Food Cake

It’s probably no surprise this is the busiest time of year for candy, and over 70% purchased will be chocolate. And when you add America’s favorite drink to the mix how can you go wrong. Chocolate and coffee are not only loved they are the classic combination! So why not add brewed coffee in place of water called for in this classic Devil’s Food Cake recipe. Sounds good to me! And add coffee to the buttercream frosting too. WOW! Coffee Rich Devil’s Food Cake, a delicious dessert. You just can’t go wrong! Use your favorite brewed coffee for that hint of favorite flavor. Have fun with it!

Try this Devil’s Food Recipe too.

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No Cheese No Bake Cheesecake

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

No Cheese No Bake CheesecakeDelicious and light! Oh, and did I mention quick and easy! Don’t get me wrong … I love New York Style Cheesecake. And I’ve labored over my New York Style intense recipe & produced what my Grandmother-in-law stated was absolutely one of the best cheesecakes she had ever eaten next to hers. Ha! (Thank you Mrs. Gindes) There’s absolutely room for both recipes in my dessert file. This one is easy to prepare for a last minute dessert. Has an absolutely delicious taste, low in calories and easy change up topping. Take a look at the ingredients and see if this is something you want to give a try.

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